Dear Friends of Kids & Horses,

Greetings Everyone and a Happy New Year! Now that 2016 has come to a close, we’ve realized that it has been a very successful year for Kids & Horses. Here are some of our 2016 highlights:

  •  We expanded our program from serving 47 students to a total of 72 students!
  • We doubled PT clientele and began offering OT services. 8 PT students and 19 OT students.
  • We now have 142 faithful volunteers helping make our program possible! Throughout the year, a total of 4,571.5 volunteer hours were logged!
  • Raised $194,000 from fundraisers, grants, and other donations!
  • Amy and Ryanna joined the “human” staff team, and Frodo, Barney, and Apollo joined the equine team as new program horses!
  • We removed all the rocks in 3 arenas and leveled 2 of them.
  • A new and improved, outdoor mounting ramp was constructed!
  • We had many successful social events and fundraisers to promote the program and strengthen bonds between the students, volunteers, and staff.
  • We improved organization in the tack room and purchased a new saddle rack, and three new 5-Star pads with our logo on them.
  • We began using Donor Perfect to improve organization and donor relations!
  • We took several steps to further ensure the program horses’ safety by monitoring horse use, increasing warm-up and lunging, and created a saddle fitting chart to make sure that each horse was wearing properly fitted tack!
  • All of our forms were converted electronically, allowing them to now be completed on the computer!

Overall, 2016 allowed us to expand and improve the program. Everyone here at Kids & Horses is thrilled to be entering into 2017, a new year of brand new opportunities to grow, learn and make new friends.