What is Adaptive Riding?

Adaptive horseback riding lessons are taught by an instructor who has been certified through the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl). Lessons are individually tailored for students with special needs. The instructors are trained in utilizing adaptive equipment and techniques to facilitate learning how to ride in a safe, effective manner.

When riding a horse, the human body moves as if walking and the motion provides a unique vehicle for therapeutic benefits. Students experience the many benefits horseback riding can offer. Including, but not limited to, increased confidence, social skills, communication, balance, posture, reflexes, strength, coordination, hand-eye skills, flexibility, endurance, focus and academic skills. Our certified instructors use tools and props to make learning fun! The bonding between horse and rider is a special relationship. Often, a non-verbal student will progress from fear of putting the helmet on to eagerly approaching their lesson using the name of the horse or the command “walk-on” to their gentle giant.


Group lessons encourage the development of positive social skills and allow for growth in areas such as leadership. Some students learn stable management skills which promote the development of vocational skills. Students can learn tasks such as cleaning stalls, sweeping, racking, feeding and watering. Supervised grooming and care and organization of equipment are integral parts of this component.

Lessons are individually designed to achieve predetermined goals and are tailored to each rider’s specific needs and abilities. Our adaptive riding instructors choose various teaching methods, tools, appropriately challenging lesson plans, games and exercises to help riders achieve their objectives. Detailed records of achievement are provided.



“Kids & Horses is the place where our kids can feel normal in a world where they are not.”

Lillian's mom

What is the frequency?

Lessons entail 30-minutes of horseback riding once per week. When appropriate, students may come early to help groom and tack their horse. Regular breaks are scheduled in conjunction with holidays to provide breaks for our horses and volunteers.

What is the Cost?

The fee for adaptive riding is $40.00 per lesson. Scholarships applications are available upon request for those in financial need.

How do I start?

If you or a loved one is interested in adaptive riding at Kids & Horses, please complete our Prospective Client Form. You may also email info@kidsandhorses.org or call 775-267-1775.

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