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July 2022

Our 9th annual golf tournament, at the Incline Village Championship Course, was once again a huge success. The day was beautiful, the course challenging, the food delicious, and the camaraderie unbeatable. It was a successful fundraiser! Thank you to our sponsors Bill and Sara Krochalis, Chuck and Terri Swing, Nick Spallone at Tahoe Supply and George Alivojvodic.

“No words or donation amount can describe how impressed I was with your Connected Horse® workshop. You truly are a world-class group that delivers a world-class product. Diana and I feel blessed and lucky to have had the experience you provided.” This is a quote from one of our dyad members in our most recent Connected Horse® workshop held in July of this year. It truly is an amazing experience for both the person living with the dementia diagnosis and their care partner. Workshops will continue in the fall when the weather cools off again. If you knowanyone with an early-stage dementia diagnosis, please have them contact Kids & Horses or Connected Horse® for information on joining us. And a big THANK YOU
to the EJC Foundation along with the Gately Foundation for their generous donations supporting the Connected Horse® workshops held at Kids & Horses.

Summer camp will begin August 1 st through August 5 th . Kara, our instructor extraordinaire, has taken on the challenge of teaching and entertaining 12 children between the ages of 5 and 15. Many of the rest of staff and volunteerswill be in attendance to make it a memorable fun filled week of arts and crafts, a bit of language arts, and lots of time with horses. Ryanna will also be making a guest appearance during this week. What could be better? We would also like to thank the wonderful people who donated scholarship money so no one would be left out.

The Kids & Horses “Fence Me In” campaign is rolling along. We started with an incredible grant from the Doyle Foundation to build turn out areas and shelters, heated horse waterers, and arena panels. The campaign itself, so far, has brought in over $27,000 dollars, and fences are being replaced around the ranch.

Please help us celebrate the ongoing success of Sam Waldman’s Dream on September 17 th of this year. The Kids & Horses event will be held at the Crystal Bay Casino in the Crown Room from 3:00-6:00 on Saturday afternoon. It will be a western inspired event, so get out your boots and hats and join us for some hearty food and spirits put on by Let’s Eat Catering and 72 Mile Spirits. Music, dancing, and lots of fun! A $5,000 donation has already been pledged! A big thank you to donors from the past few months.

Doyle Foundation ~ Mark Smith Tire Center ~ Audrey Conley and Gertrude and LJ Whitaker Charitable Fund ~ Root Family Trust ~ Hilary Flystra

RSO Foundation ~ Joe Bourdeau ~ Southwest Gas Corporation