General Donation Acknowledgements

Thank you to all our generous donors who give to make the day-to-day operations at Kids & Horses possible. Smiles happen here because of you!

William Reid                                                                                   Gunnar Thordarson

Richard and Diana Denin                                                             Joseph Gallo

Robert and Tammy Dunn                                                            Monte and Janet Klein

Greenwood Homes                                                                       Jan Koval

Michael Mitchell

Dana Stewart

David and Vicki Thomas

Jack Bernard Family Trust

Coventry Cross Episcopal Church

Patty Hill

Carson Valley Lions Club

Tiame Vogel

Kelly Norman

Rancho Espiritu LLC

Marjorie Weiand


The Arlen-Bernstone Trust

Linda and Melissa Wolken

Victoria Wray-Greening

Pamela Sheldon

Carson Valley United Methodist Women

Michael & Cynthia Perine

Heidi DePuy

Sandra Fitzpatrick

Lillian Dubroka

Ray & Shirley Appel

Pamela Sheldon

Norma Gameros

Ernie & Debbie Haskins

Marshall R. Matley Foundation

Terry & Yvette White

Marlee Foundation

Linda Schooler