July 2018 Letter

Dear Friends of Kids & Horses,


Hello! My name is Brice.

I’m nine years old, and I’m an adaptive riding student at Kids & Horses. I started riding in August of 2017: I am able to ride twice a week, once on Monday and once on Wednesday.

I have ridden a few of the program horses here, but I am currently riding Risa. I love her because of the way she looks. She is dark red with a black mane and tail.  I recently learned that this combination is called a “blood bay.”  She also has a white star on her forehead. Risa is always nice, very gentle, and makes me laugh. She helps me sit up straight and follow directions.

I eventually want to learn how to canter and gallop my horse, but for now, I am working on holding my reins tighter and in the right spot, as well as sitting the trot. When I started riding, I didn’t know how to do a lot of the things I can easily do now. I had to get on Risa at the tall mounting ramp and get off there too. I hung on tightly to my saddle horn; didn’t know how to steer; and couldn’t help take care of my horse before and after the lessons. Now, I am able to mount with a smaller mounting block and dismount to the ground. I’ve practiced different ways of steering with my hands above the saddle in the proper place. I often help groom and tack Risa before my lesson and carry the saddle inside when I have finished my ride. When I get off Risa, I feel really happy but also a little tired.

My favorite part about my lessons is trotting. It’s so much fun! I also love to play the games while riding Risa. During grooming and tacking, using the hoof pick is by far the best part. I carefully pick away the manure and rocks out of Risa’s feet. All of my instructors have been very helpful in my horse back riding journey. I am thankful for all the volunteers that have helped me too. My horse handlers are Kim (Mondays) and Madi (Wednesdays). My sidewalkers are Whitney (Mondays) and Susie (Wednesdays). They are all very kind. I wouldn’t be able to do my lessons without them. They keep me safe; show me how to groom; and help me reach the different props that we might use for our games. Kids & Horses is a really fun place to ride horses and bond with them.


I hope everyone has a great rest of summer.