Horse Hall of Fame

We began this page in 2018  to recognize some of the spectacular horses for their dedicated service.  Every horse that is featured was selected for the “Horse of the Year” Award or  passed away while in the program. We are grateful to every single one of the Kids & Horses therapy equines (past and present) that make what we do possible.


2018 Horse of the Year

After several years of mountain trails, Dealer found a job with us.  He was a favorite among all our clients and volunteers for the seven years that he was a part of our program.



2019 Horse of the Year

Whiskey is a true treasure. He is always willing and very sweet. He makes a great match for a variety of our students and is one of the favorites on the ranch. 




Risa was a very well-trained Dutch Warmblood with a background in jumping.  After being part of Adaptive Riding for some time, she was predominantly used for our CLS classes and Dementia program along with Callie. She was a constant favorite of numerous students and very dear to many of the folks at the ranch. 


2020 Horse of the Year

Mel is our slow and steady mustang who has a background in trail riding. His consistency makes him a trustworthy mount for our clients.