It might be winter now, but spring’s a’comin. Yes siree, I can smell it in the breeze blowing off those sparkly snowy peaks and see it in that big blanket of blue always hanging over us. I can almost taste it in my hay though, of course, I know it has been cut and dried since 2020, a year that sure left a bad taste in a lot of folks’ mouths. I’m telling you, for certain, spring is almost here or my name ain’t Braveheart. Although, most folks call me Mel.

‘Course it’s also true we hardly had a winter—but that’s beside the point.

What I want to say to y’all is that me and the herd are raring to go! It’s a fresh year, and we’re itching to hit the trail. You’d feel the same if you were just startin’ to shed a thick hairy coat that stuck to your skin all winter. Put yourself in our hooves for a minute and think about it.

News gets around quick, and I heard that someone painted an awful pretty picture on the wall inside the main barn. It gives a peek back into the olden days when miners and their mules struggled to discover and transport precious ore hidden below ground. From what I hear, the mining machinery and ol’ ore carts are part of a plan to help us dig deeper to do more for our riders. Trouble is that the two-legs won’t let me inside to see it! I just can’t understand why.

That injustice aside, if any of you are hankerin’ to know how mining relates to our miracles, you can read about it here. Now o’ course, I’m not much for the techy stuff myself, but the two-legs told me I had to put in that part about the link, or they wouldn’t publish the rest of this here letter. And when an ornery two-leg is on your back, it’s mighty hard to shake ‘em.

If you ain’t been down to the ranch lately, I want you to know that we’d love to have you. There’s always a beautiful sight to see out here whether it’s a young ‘un’s beaming smile or them deep blue mountains staring back at you while the sun sinks just out of sight and lights the clouds on golden-red fire.

Like any ranch, there’s always something happening. The work gets done, but it’s never finished. Me and my buddies make sure of that!

Sure, there’ll be more storm clouds blowin’ in, but soon the warmer weather will be here to stay.

I hope to see you out at the ranch soon. Until then, happy trails!

—Mel aka, Braveheart

From the Braveheart range of wild horses